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Jan. 16th, 2008 | 11:40 pm
in my ears i hear: xiu xiu - 'clover'

i adore my niece...
she's not the most attractive little girl,
but she's incredibly sweet, and smart, and adorable.
her sister, however is absolutely breathtaking.
i feel for Gabby (my niece), because she's going to
grow up plain, and her sister will be beautiful and
popular and have lots of friends, and be pretty, and
fun and everyone will love her. and boys will kiss her..
and Gabby, she'll be alone.. crying.. sad..

it's a fucking depressing situation,
as anyone involved, or not involved can see.

but i love her. too much for ribs.

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the budget graph for christmas!!

Nov. 9th, 2007 | 12:05 pm

as most of you know, my fiance jess.. aka "mibi" has been selling his incredible creation, death and taxes, for a few years now. every year, he renews it with the proper changes in data re: the American Discretionary Budget, offered out by the American Government.. well some amazing things are happening for him, recently he was contacted by one of the writers for Condé Nast's new publication Portfolio Magazine, they want to include him in one of their issues, discussing his budget graph.. et cetera, this spring!!

that's big news.. awesome news.. he's been trying to sell it like crazy lately.. i'm thinking people should purchase it as a Christmas present or something. being that we are basically living off of the money he makes selling his poster.. (we have two kids, and townhouse rent estimated at 1300$ a month)..i'm hoping his being involved with Portfolio will take a bit of the heat off where money issues are concerned. new babies aren't cheap.. and 8 year olds are even more of an expense.. don't get me wrong, we love our kids.. it's just they are forever in need/or/want of something-or-another.

anyhow, i know a lot of you have already purchased a copy of his poster, but if you haven't yet.. perhaps consider getting it for someone you know/love as a Christmas present?? what says Merry Christmas more then, "Hey look where your tax dollars are being spent!!" plus you'd be doing myself a big favor by assisting me in not stressing out hardcore over the upcoming holidays!!!

also.. i have a question for those of you that sell things via the internet.. what are some good marketing ideas Jess could use in terms of selling more posters? he gets a crap load of hits per day on his site, and if half of the people that visit his site, actually bought the poster, we'd be in a completely more fortunate state than we currently are...

anyhow, ideas?? let me know here, or via e-mail:

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oh &..

Nov. 1st, 2007 | 12:17 am

totally not halloween even related..
i'm having this photo of Forest and Dobra Kitty blown up and framed..
i swear it..

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